Front Doors

In the Spring of 2020 the HOA Board discussed allowing homeowners to paint their front door a different color other than the brown or cream that had been used for years.

Board members met to review and selected four (4) colors that homeowners could pick from. Those colors were Blue (Inked), Red (Morocco Red), Green (Classic Avocado) and Peach (Balcony Sunset).

Homeowners were contacted by members of the Paint Committee to schedule the painting of their front door. 

This project started in April 2020 and continued through January 2021.  A total of 47 doors were painted throughout the neighborhood. The total cost of materials and labor to complete this project was $1,440.41. 

Another painting concept that the board considered to add more color to the neighborhood was to allow homeowners to paint either their garage door or the space above the garage to match the color of the front door. If a homowner wants to paint one of those two areas to match their front door, the cost to do so is left to the homeowner. 

Below are pictures of some front doors and other painted areas.