Perimeter Fence

Beginning in 2013, the HOA began a multi-year project to replace the perimeter fences. In 2013 several sections of fence was replace by the Shell station and Military Drive. The materials were paid by the HOA and the labor was done by volunteers.

In 2017 the perimeter fence from 6875 Betty Levy to the neighborhood entrance was replaced.

Two years later, the HOA approved the replacement of the perimeter fence bordering the car wash on Brownleaf and the replacement from the neighborhood entrance towards Hwy 151.

In 2020 the perimeter fence along Pinn Road was replaced. The last section of the perimeter fence is along the ‘greenbelt’ and replacement of 46 sections began in 2021. Due to the number of fence sections (170) along this portion of the perimeter fence, this will be a multi-year project.

In 2022 the HOA approved the replacement an additional 7 sections of greenbelt perimeter fence.

Once all perimeter fences have been replace, the HOA will then begin replacing the fence around the Community Swimming Pool. To date the HOA has spent a total of $57,334.51.